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There hasn’t been doubt about it for well over a year now: Russia screwed with our 2016 elections. A report was released a few months ago from The Department of Homeland Security that alerted 21 different States that Russian hackers had also targeted their elections systems. Two of those States we know for sure were actually compromised.

If you aren’t horrified by this, you need to check your Birth Certificate/Naturalization Papers. This is a threat to the fundamental trust we place in our election systems and our democracy.

It’s been a year, and the heads of our Intelligence services are all unanimous in saying that it WILL happen again during the mid-term elections later this year.

That fact that we have done absolutely nothing about it in the past year – taken NO steps to counter an actual attack on our democracy, and the threat of another attack coming soon – that should move you from being horrified to being downright infuriated.

How can we trust our representative government, if we cannot trust that the numbers of votes in our elections weren’t directly altered by a nation that has been our enemy since 1945.

We – everyone – need to demand action. That is all.

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