Voter Registration

It is a common belief lately among Conservatives that the Vote is being stolen by illegal immigrants, dead people, and people that fraudulently vote multiple times. There is also the belief among Liberals that Conservatives act to outright repress the Votes of people in demographic categories that are less likely to vote for them.

They both have a bit of a point. Though – in fairness – they both also miss the Big Picture, too. The ultimate goal is to guarantee that every citizen has the unemcumbered right to vote for a politician of their choosing. Period. The easiest way to do this is to require a form of legal identification at the polling location, before voting is allowed. This ensures that all potential voters are citizens and are eligible to vote, and that one person’s vote cannot be made twice. The problem with that is that – either due to lack of finacial means, lack of transportation, or time constraints depending on their line of work – not all citizens are able to get a State-issued I.D., or get to their polling precinct in time. This is an unfortunate fact. And the fact of the matter is – ALL citizens are entitled to vote. It’s our most fundamental Right, as an American Citizen. It cannot (and should not) be denied. 

Nonetheless, voter registration requirements has historically resulted in a LOT of legitimate citizens being denied their Right to choose their political representation.

The solution has three parts:

1.) Voters should no longer be required to be registered, before being able to vote. The way we should do it is this: upon the moment of hitting 18 years of age, ALL citizens should automatically be registered to vote – letting the default be “No Party Affiliation” would be the fairest thing to do. Later, if the voter chooses, they can then register as whatever party they decide most closely fits their interests. The point is, regardless of their ability to be able to register, they are still allowed to cast their Constitutionally guaranteed ballot.

2.) A citizen’s registration to vote shall be permanent, and shall not be rescinded for any reason, aside from that person being issued a legal Death Warrant by a licensed Coroner (at which point, the person’s voter eligibility shall be automatically and permanently removed from the public record).

3.) The ability to obtain a legitimate I.D. should not prohibit a citizen’s ability to vote. BUT – an I.D. should be required, to prevent Voter Fraud. So – the solution should be that online applications for an I.D. (with scanned proof of identity provided for verification) should be available. A few dispatched teams of 2-3 people (per district) should be sent out to any unregistered people’s homes of record who do not have access to a scanner or imager, and – upon presentation of proof of citizenship, upload their documantation for them. The citizen’s legal I.D. would then be delivered per normal postal mail.

One final note: transportation to a polling booth should NOT be the responsibility of the government (after all, we’d already be supplying their I.D.s, free of charge). The responsibility to vote should fall upon the citizens themselves. However: Voting Day should be declared a Federal Holiday – and as such prohibit employers from penalizing any employee for taking the day off of work to go cast their ballot. 

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