Fighting Illegal Immigration

The most obvious and effective solution to illegal immigration is one that politicians don’t dare talk about. Why? Because it stands to negatively affect some employers, directly. And employers can – and often do – give substantially larger political contributions to politicians’ campaigns than the average citizen. That’s just the simple truth. Politicians do whatever is in their best interests for the purpose of getting re-elected. And that primarily includes getting money. The question of campaign finance reform is directly addressed in a couple of my other planks, so – for the purpose of this plank, let’s just get to the meat-and-potatoes of immigration reform:

Immigrants illegally cross the border primarily to seek work. We know this. It’s obvious. Now, we already have laws in place that prohibit the hiring of undocumented workers, so that American jobs are protected. But these laws aren’t enforced. At all. Nor are those employers who make a conscious choice to disregard these laws punished for breaking the law, in any meaningful way. Those that do continue to hire undocumented workers, so that they can continue to pay only a fraction of the cost of ‘hiring American,’ and thereby increase their profit margins dramatically.

And make no mistake about it, if those same employers were to hire American workers, instead – their businesses would still be profitable. They have to be – because on paper, they’re still subject to the tax code, and they have to prove they’re a viable, profitable business. Remember – paying undocumented workers’ wages takes place strictly under-the-table – because it’s illegal – and they do it in cash. Un-recordable. So none of those wages factor in, when they’re paying their taxes, or their corporate dividends. What you’re looking at is greed. Pure and simple.

And yet, politicians would frame it the other way around; they claim that it’s the *illegal immigrants* that are guilty of violating the law by coming here in droves, to steal our jobs. And while that may be partly true, the majority of immigrants are just trying to make a better life for themselves. Like you. Like me. Sure there’s still the occasional immigrant who’s a “Bad Hombre.” But have you ever heard a politician say they were going to go after the employers that hired illegally? I haven’t.

Are you starting to understand what I’m getting at?

Here’s what we need to do. We need to go after those unethical employers who, knowingly, hire illegally. We need to enforce the laws that we already have, and we need to give those laws teeth: we need to put a *minimum* two year prison sentence on anyone who is caught hiring an undocumented worker. With possible exceptions to those in the agriculture industry, so that our crops don’t spoil in the field.

The bottom line is, if you want to resolve the immigration issue, you need to stop it at the source. If you dry up the available work, then you dry up the immigration problem.

And from a practical standpoint of enforcement, consider the ridiculous idea that is currently in place, of rounding up literally *millions* of illegal immigrants and summarily deporting them. The costs of fielding a police force to actually do all that leg-work is practically impossible. Summoning the man-power alone is impossible. The cost of court fees, processing fees, appeals – of punishing “sanctuary cities” – it’s not the cities that employ undocumented workers! The ‘source’ is the corrupt employers who choose to break the law by hiring them! But politicians don’t actually want to solve the problem – what they really want is a contentious topic to pit the Left and the Right against each other, so that you continue to vote them into office.

Look at it from a logistical standpoint – which is easier? Rounding up several million “illegals,” whose addresses are unknown (because, of course they are, they’re here illegally…), or rounding up and prosecuting a few thousand employers who knowingly disobey the law? After all, we know their addresses, and we know how to get ahold of them – they’re registered businesses. A couple hundred federal field agents would be all that’s neccessary, as opposed to the tens-of-thousands of agents it would otherwise take.

Let’s be smart about this. Let’s go after the greedy employers who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the ethics of hiring people legitimately.

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