There is no such thing as a legitimate candidacy (or, at least, not one that should be taken seriously) without a fully-developed platform. This is not just a simple endorsement of ideas or principles – this is meant to be something that a candidate specifically aims to accomplish, and stakes as their entire premise for running.

For me, there are no such things as facile ‘planks,’ such as “I’m running for ‘Family Values’ – or ‘2nd Amendment Rights’ – or ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ – or ‘National Security'” …of COURSE I support those things. Who doesn’t??  But those are not Planks. Those are popular political buzzwords. Anyone can say that. They’re the easy way out.

Here’s the right way to do it – the way that’s worth doing: what a candidate will actually strive to accomplish. Over the past ~5 years, this is the list of planks that I’ve slowly put together. Many of them are original. You’ll be the judge of their merit. Yours is the opinion that counts.

Responsible Healthcare

Healthcare CAN BE affordable. Cheap, even – even when it’s high-quality. Every other developed 1st-world country already has it. If you want to know why it costs so much, and how we can fix it, click here.

Congressional Salaries

A Congress that is “Of the People, By the People, and For the People,” should not benefit off of the backs of the people it represents. It should Represent it’s People. Click here to find out how.

Subsidy Reform

We’re still allowing our critical industries to be driven by government hand-outs that were devised decades ago by now-outdated knowledge, and long-past dependencies, in their given fields. Click here to find out how. 

Campaign $$ Reform

Want to know why you don’t see a wider range of political candidates? It’s because active citizens with new ideas to bring to the table are drowned out by a ridiculous amount of advertisement money. Click here to find out why.

Repairing Our Infrastructure

We are a nation of rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. The foundations of our economy may well fall into ruin around our ears. We cannot wait – we have to act now. Click here to find out how.

Revitalize Education

For decades, we used to be the envy of the rest of the World, in Education. Our dominance rested on the bedrock of our knowledge. Now we rank only barely in the top 30. Click here to read how to fix this.

Internet Neutrality

You are in very real danger of having your right to unfettered access to information taken away from you. For sake of pure profit, and greed. We are teetering on the edge of Government-sanctioned Censorship. Click here to find out how.

Voter Registration

Citizen’s votes are getting stolen, under the multiple guises of voter fraud, disenfranchizement, and (in some cases) the inability to register as a voter, or by getting scrubbed off the list of eligible voters. Click here to find out the remedy.

Fighting Illegal Immigration

Politicians don’t talk about the real solution to illegal immigration (it’s not rocket-science) – because the real solution affects their political donors’ profits. Click here to find out why, and how to fix it.

Stop Gerrymandering

Your vote is being stolen. Diluted. Every single election. Both major parties are guilty of this. But there are a couple of viable solutions. Click here to learn why it’s a problem, and also how to fix this.

End Pork-Barreling

It’s usually a waste of money. It’s always traded as a political favor between politicians. It’s also the real reason why Social Security and the 911 Emergency Services are dramatically under-funded. Click here to read more.

Ending Paid Lobbying

There is something wrong with the fact that Congress is universally despised by the American people. And yet the average re-election rate of an incumbent member of Congress is around 95%, regardless. Click here to find out why.

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