Dave Langlinais for Congress 2018


Thank You For Your Support!

If you want to help, we would actually rather you donate your time, instead of your money. Spending a couple minutes a day getting the word out speaks volumes, and is far more effective at convincing people than monetary donations ever could be. After all, what is a campaign donation, aside from a way to pay for political advertisement? You can simply skip the ‘money’ part. Speech is Free.

That said, if you still want to donate money, we would welcome the help. We’re trying to keep the campaign as cost-effective as possible, but advertisements still do cost money.

If you do choose to donate money, I will follow up with you personally via email – firstly to thank you, and also because FEC law requires us to report each donation’s source.

Oh, and we’re required by law to say: your donations are not tax deductible. Unfortunately.

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