Dave Langlinais for Congress 2018

This campaign began as a brainchild of mine about 5 years ago. By that time, I’d been discontent for years with the way our political system fosters hatred and mistrust of either side, all the while doing it’s level-best to convince the voters that “there is no other option.” Political brutality has been the result. A total collapse of political civility, or any sense of soundness, solvency, or reason within government. I started writing ideas down. Developing them. Learning. I’ve borrowed from both sides of the political spectrum, because I’m of the belief that it’s ridiculous to assume that either side is always right, or always wrong – the fact is – sometimes either side will have a legitimate point. The only major obstacle will be to convince the voters who’ve been ensconced in the media’s propaganda that there is always another side to consider. That became my new goal. That moment is finally here.

If you feel, like I do, that there is something wrong with our system – that the major parties have historically let you down – that, year after year, you’ve watched as our political system gets worse and worse – I need you now. America needs you. Follow me, into political battle. I cannot do this alone. I am not rich, and I never have been. But I AM one of you. And I am intelligent and resourceful, level-headed, open-minded to new ideas, and bold in my actions – I am no stranger to decision-making, or living under the pressures of stress. And most importantly, I AM trying to make a difference, for the betterment of everyone. EVERYONE. Together, we will give you something new – a resurrection of the old ideals that our Republic was founded upon, tempered with the hard-learned lessons of the past 242 years, and with our eyes set upon navigating the future, so that our children – ALL of our children – may still inherit something worthwhile, forged from our sweat and our labor.

Follow me. Join the fight. Let’s take back D.C.


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