Speaking of Waste –

Speaking of Waste –

Speaking of waste – I just learned something new about how the Pentagon controls and trims down excesses in the military. It’s called the OAE (Office of Economic Adjustment). And apparently it’s been *trying* to do it’s job well, citing 20% excess capacity in land usage alone, with repeated requests to Congress over the past 6 years to be given authorization to make the necessary changes, to trim down on some of the unnecessary fat.

Thus far, Congress has refused to allow them to do so. And – Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) has actually proposed to shut down the OAE entirely. The incredible irony here is – Rep. Thornberry’s excuse for shutting it down is that it “funding the agency is a wasteful expense.” Riiiiiight…

An agency that’s begged you to allow them to eliminate wasteful spending (which you’ve denied) are themselves a wasteful expense….

I wonder if Rep. Thornberry has a couple defense contractor lobbyists on speed-dial…

Anyway – you can read more about it, here:


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