Political Ridiculousness.

Political Ridiculousness.

Have you felt it? The ridiculousness of it all.

On the one hand, you’ve been voting more or less the same way every time, knowing that your own preferred party has it flaws, but thinking “well, what choice do I have? It’s better than voting for the other party, and it’s more realistic than throwing away my vote.” …Right? We’ve all been there. Lord knows I have.

But on the other hand, you never really see much of an improvement, either. Neither party (with a few occasional exceptions) really DOES anything. In fact, the political situation is getting worse, not better. There are no more Moderates anymore, Partisanship has descended into bickering political Tribalism, and the only thing we seem to share in common is that we all agree that Congress is full of a bunch of Crooks, who are primarily concerned with keeping themselves in power, gobbling up the largess of paid lobbyists and Dark Money, and pissing away our taxes.

But THAT is the one thing that we can all agree needs to end. That is a cause we can ALL unite under – Conservatives, Moderates, and Liberals alike. Well – it’s time we start taking responsibility. We’re the voters.

Neither a Democrat or a Republican can lead the effort. Either major party can (and will) immediately shut down the campaign of any of their own candidates who threatens to take away their gravy-train of corruption. ONLY an Independent can do that. Only an Independent has the freedom to act without fear of being shut down, because only an Independent doesn’t have the leash of a major party around their neck.

And we are not alone. 42% of ALL voters are now registered as Independents – 10% more than either the GOP or the DNC can muster – voters who feel like you do. We just need to wake up and realize that we actually do have that much voting power. And there are literally thousands of Independent candidates like me who’re running for office this year, from across the entire country.

There is no such thing as a wasted vote, anymore. It’s time we clean the Big House.

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