The Consumer as the Product, and Big Business as the Buyer

The Consumer as the Product, and Big Business as the Buyer

America isn’t represented by it’s government anymore. Big Business is. You’re all starting to see that now for yourselves, I think. Good. That’s step #1.

I hate to have to be the one to say it, but – we did this to ourselves. It’s our fault.

You’ve probably seen by now the Zuckerberg interview where he shamelessly says “if a product is free, then that means *you* are what’s being sold.” Bit of a cheesehole thing to say, isn’t it?

He’s absolutely right, though. And it’s not just about having your identities sold by Facebook. You are the product, and the ‘customer’ is whoever is paying to gain access to your attention. Everything that you see on a screen that’s political in nature (and yes, even this post is an example) is trying to rope you into conscripting you.

The only difference between a commercial and a political ad (or Opinion News programs, for that matter) is whether they want your money or your vote.

That’s how they look at it – by ‘they,’ I mean the true ‘customers’ who’re paying money for it – they see a vote as being just another form of currency, one step removed. They just have to go through a song-and-dance to get there, because the law still (barely) forces a degree of separation between the two.

So they’re exploiting a loophole in the system. They can’t directly buy votes, but they CAN buy influence. And influence is a currency that can be legally traded for votes.

They can convince you that Liberals/Conservatives (take your pick) are Evil and/or Ignorant! They can convince you that anything that they don’t approve of is “Fake News!” …That’s the rope. And once they have you securely tied, they OWN you.

Remember – your attention is what they paid for. Beware of anything that’s both well-financed and political.

Big Business owns the government (and they have, for a long time) because we – WE – have allowed ourselves to be charmed by pretty designs, buzzwords that serve as emotional triggers, and fancy campaign ads with high budgets. Things that you want to hear.

Guess who pays for those big budgets. Big Companies, with their tendrils wrapped around politics. That WANT you to keep voting for the two major parties in Congress because they know they can continue buying the wording of their own bills – and keep using the power of Law to keep making themselves richer, and richer.

And they’re also able to pay to block or drown out the messages of anyone who threatens their monopoly on Power.

This is what is meant by the expression “Pay-to-Play.”

Well I intend to threaten them. I intend to give them HELL. And mark my words, I am GOING to topple them. Because “whoever has the most money” should never be the ultimate voice in a Democracy. And I will not sit idly by and watch, as our democracy crumbles around our ears.

THIS is why I’m running for office. Because *someone* has to step up and challenge the monopoly. It cannot be a Democrat, and it cannot be a Republican, because both of the major parties are complicit in selling their souls to Big Interests, in exchange for remaining in power. It has to be someone who can see clearly through the muck of politics. And it has to be somebody with a cogent plan of Action.

But I cannot do it alone. I cannot do it without your votes.

I write this (and most of my political messages) in text format because it’s cheap. And I’m not made of money. Nor do I have a major political party backing me. And I’ve refused any help from Big Interests (because my soul isn’t for sale). So I have to make-do with the resources that I’ve got.

You will never see a “fancy ad” from me. Quite simply because I can’t afford it. But the truth has a way of ringing clear. You’ll know it when you hear it. And, as the old adage goes: the truth will set you free.

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