Civic Rights, and the Reason for Government

Civic Rights, and the Reason for Government

If civic rights (hence the reason for the existence of government) are meant to protect people in their pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness, that protection requires certain basic obligations to be met. A Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice system to protect against things like theft, rape, and murder. A network of Fire Departments to protect against loss of property and possessions, as well as loss of life. A standing Military to protect against foreign invasion, and safeguard self-determinancy in government.

The common denominator here is protecting the well-being of the population. What is more important to their well-being than meeting their medical needs?

Clearly, the U.S. private sector is failing in that duty. It’s time to consider that it should always have been the responsibility of the government itself.

We know from numerous other 1st-World examples that it can be done efficiently, and done well.

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