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Taking responsibility for our current political mess requires more than just grumbling about a broken system. We have to FIX the system. To do that, we have to rid ourselves of the notion that we are stuck with two disappointing “realistic” choices – Democrat or Republican. It continues with taking the influence of money out of politics, and it ends with enabling capable middle-class citizens to run for office on merit alone.

Our Planks

This is the real deal. We have a dozen goals to accomplish. Among them are campaign and election reform, subsidy reform, healthcare reform, lowering congressional salaries to reflect their constituents, ending gerrymandering, ending the practice of pork-barrelling in the legislature, revitalizing education, repairing the nation’s infrastructure, tackling illegal immigration, and protecting Net Neutrality.

Join Our Team

Make no mistake about it, this is a Grass Roots campaign. There will be no Major Party backing, nor Corporate Sponsors (that would defeat the point of taking money out of politics). To be successful, this campaign must rely on the participation of volunteers, activists, and the general population. This campaign is for you. So please – give us some of your time. We need you to help us get the word out to everyone. 


About Dave Langlinais

A lifelong resident of Broussard LA, Dave was an avid Boy Scout in the local Troop 55, and attained the rank of Eagle Scout. He also served 9 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard, from 2000 to 2009, including one tour of duty in Iraq and three domestic deployments, and an honorable discharge. He then received dual Bachelor’s Degrees at UL Lafayette, and stopped one class short of a third degree. Currently, he owns and operates a small freight transportation business; he does well by his customers, and they do well by him. His hobbies include metal-working, wood-working, various ‘cottager’ crafts, and being a responsible gun-owner (Ron Swanson could learn a thing or two).



Elections Louisiana 3rd Congressional District

This is the time we have left. Every minute counts. If we want to finally break the cycle of people thinking they have to vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils” – if we want to show the voters that there really IS another viable choice – one that pulls the good ideas from both the Left and the Right – then this is the Countdown. People won’t believe it’s possible, unless they see the support first-hand, themselves.

We need to show them otherwise.

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Our Goals

Before we can get anything else worthwhile done in Congress, our first task is to break the flow of Dark Money that’s been controlling our members of Congress for decades: Lobbyists. Until that happens, the rest of Congress won’t be willing to consider any other reforms that go against their Corporate sponsors’ interests or upset the current status quo – that’s where all of their funding to get re-elected comes from.

Once we ban paid-Lobbying, THEN we can start working on real reforms.

To achieve that, first we have to win this election. We have to make the voters of this district see that the true merit of a candidate is NOT judged by how ‘pretty’ or well-funded their advertisements are, or how many buzzwords they can throw up – NOT which major political party they belong to – NOR how much money they can gather from Lobbyists, PACs, and Super-PACS, all of which represent corporate donors. It’s a candidate’s IDEAS that count. We aim to show the world that a candidate can win based purely on the merit of their ideas alone. This is our struggle.

This is the moment of truth. This is when we decide whether we, as Americans, will continue to slouch into our couches, grumble about Congress, and do nothing constructive about it, OR –

We can stand up, together – take personal responsibility for the mess we’re in, and put someone in office who represents the middle-class, and truly intends to change the status quo.

Dave Langlinais for Congress 2018


Thank You For Your Support

If you want to help, we would actually rather you donate your time, instead of your money. Spending a couple minutes a day getting the word out speaks volumes, and is far more effective at convincing people than monetary donations ever could be. After all, what is a campaign donation, aside from a way to pay for political advertisement? You can simply skip the ‘money’ part. Speech is Free.

That said, if you still want to donate money, we would welcome the help. We’re trying to keep the campaign as cost-effective as possible, but advertisements still do cost money.

If you do choose to donate money, I will follow up with you personally via email – firstly to thank you, and also because FEC law requires us to report each donation’s source.


Goal: $5,000
Funded: 32%
Donators: 21
Ends: June 1st
Raised: $1603 of $5,000
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